A few hours ago I returned home from our family reunion. Now, family reunions are not unusual. Lots of families have them. But what is a bit unusual is that this was our 55th reunion. That’s right. For 55 years in a row, the descendents of Alfred and Clara have met in the summer for lots of good food, conversation, and fun. The locations have changed over the years, but the basic concept remains the same: a potluck dinner followed by an afternoon of games and visiting.

What traditions does your family have? If none come to mind, summer might be the time to start a new tradition. It could be as simple as an evening walk to look at the stars, attending a county fair together, or having a special picnic. But now, before the pressures of the school year begin, is a great opportunity to invest a little extra time in doing something together as a family. And if you do it again next year, you will have started a family tradition!