I’m sure all of you know about the food pyramid. While I’m not generally a fan of this particular food pyramid, the mypyramid website www.mypramid.com does have a lot of interesting features. One of these is the addition of podcasts. You can find them under the link on the page labeled “Multimedia.” These podcasts cover a wide range of topics related to choosing healthy foods and they can be downloaded to your favorite mp3 player. You can also view the text of the message if you prefer. There are even video podcasts that are actually sort of cute.

I used a few of the podcasts in my nutrition classes last school year. I suggested my students download them to their ipods and listen to them instead of music. They found that suggestion to be extremely amusing (well, I have to admit they thought I was absolutely crazy) but they were intrigued by the idea that such a thing exists. I do see the potential to use these podcasts, particularly the video ones, when teaching nutrition. They could easily be made part of a powerpoint or smartboard presentation. And they are free! That’s a good thing when school budgets are tight.