Yesterday a student in one of my classes asked a very interesting question. We were discussing nutrition, specifically Vitamin D. I mentioned some new things I had just read about Vitamin D. He raised his hand and said something like “I live in the same world you live in. Why haven’t I heard this before?” Good question. I frequently mention news items I have read or seen in class and seldom have my students seen or heard the same thing.

The fact is, our worlds really are very different. We have different backgrounds, needs, and interests. So we filter out the things we want to hear from the things we think are unimportant. Unless we have a reason to relate to something, we can easily ignore it.

This morning I scanned the newspaper ads because I am thinking of buying a new printer. After just a few minutes I could tell you what printers were on sale in at least three stores. But I didn’t notice if any of those stores had cameras on sale. I wasn’t looking for a camera. I wasn’t looking for shoes, or groceries, or any of the other things in the ads. I found the items I was looking for and tuned out the rest.

Tuning out some of what we see and hear is a useful skill. With the amount of information that bombards us on a daily basis, we would be overwhelmed if we could not. Filtering out some things keeps us from being paralyzed by indecision.

But there are some things that deserve our attention. Being aware of an issue or idea helps us recognize it when we do see it. My guess is that my students will be surprised about how much nutrition information will suddenly start appearing in the next few weeks. It was really there all along. But to notice it takes awareness. It is my hope that this website can help increase your awareness to things that matter in your life.