Is there a baby in your life? This summer I’ve enjoyed spending lots of time with a new nephew and we are eagerly awaiting another new niece or nephew in September. There is nothing nicer than cuddling a new little baby.

Of course, babies don’t come with instructions and there are bound to be questions about their care. Everyone has an opinion and lots of advice about caring for a child, but where can you go for expert advice?

One website I’ve found to be useful is from the March of Dimes. When I think of the March of Dimes, I usually think of a fund raising organization to help prevent birth defects. But their website is so much more. There are sections on pregnancy, nutrition, baby safety, etc. One section I especially like is titled “How Your Baby Grows” in the pregnancy section. You can click on links that tell you a little about what happens during each month of pregnancy.

The website also contains a number of short videos about topics like folic acid, soothing a crying baby, etc. These are mostly in the range of two to three minutes in length. The videos are also available from YouTube. If you are a FCS teacher probably YouTube is blocked at your school as it is in mine, so it is great to be able to get to the videos from this website.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a baby to cuddle!