October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While I really would like to see an end to this disease and personally participate in several worthwhile cancer charities, please be aware that the scammers are out in full force right now. I just got off the phone with a telemarketer from the “Breast Cancer Financial Assistance Fund.” Five minutes of research shows that this organization may only distribute 54% of the money they collect. (See Charity Profile Report.) More research shows that they also operate under another name – “The Cancer Fund of America” that was ranked as the second worst charity by The Tampa Bay Times this past summer in an article titled “America’s Worst Charities.” . According to this article, The Cancer Fund of America gave less than one percent of their contributions to the people they claim to help. I realize any organization will have expenses, but if an organization uses less than $1.00 for helping people out of every $100 earned, that is probably not the place you want to donate your money. Bottom line: Do a little research before you donate to unfamiliar organizations.