About a week ago I had the opportunity to spend some time with my two year old nephew. His curiosity is amazing right now and he wants to climb on everything, explore everything, and touch everything. Two of his favorite sentences right now are “I’m trying something” and “What’s that?”

His curiosity is a very important part of his learning and I’m glad to see him so intent on exploring. However, that exploration brings up an issue that is sometimes overlooked for the slightly older child. How clean are all the toys and surfaces they touch in a day? Do they wash their hands thoroughly before eating snacks or meals? My guess is probably not much of the time. I know how difficult it was for me to keep my nephew even somewhat clean. Yet he is at an age where it is very easy for him to pick up germs.

Food poisoning is especially dangerous to young children. Many people think it will just cause a stomach ache and the problem will be gone in a few days. But sometimes the effects of food poisoning and bacteria can linger for years. Here is a link to some safety information for keeping things sanitary for babies and children. Safety Information from FightBac.org It has several good reminders about how to wash toys and other surfaces plus some information about keeping baby food safe.

Please take the time to review these steps for keeping things clean around your little ones!