This past Sunday I had the opportunity to participate in the Northwest Ohio Race For The Cure. I have had many friends and relatives live with breast cancer, so I know first hand the impact of that dreaded disease. It was overwhelming to see thousands of people all working together to support their friends, relatives, and even strangers in this cause. The minister giving the prayer before the race began said that today we “pray with our feet.”

During this past week, I’ve thought about that phrase many times. So often I think of things to do for other people, but that’s where it ends. I need to put my thoughts into actions as those thousands of people did.

A little closer to home, my community has been hit hard over the past five years or so, with an unusually large number of cases of childhood cancer. September 17th over 500 people came out to participate in the “Run To Remember Alexa” and raise money specifically for research for finding a cure for childhood cancer. Again, more people willing to put their feet to the test.

Yet another example of putting feet into action came this past June during the Team Jenny 5K Run/Walk. Jennifer Gabel Burroughs was in a serious accident about four years ago. She was supported by many people in the community and now organizes this run to help other people facing medical hardships. This year the recipient of that help was my niece, Emily, who is recovering from a devastating traumatic brain injury.

I was also privileged to be on “Team O” for Relay for Life and participate in the Great Strides walk for Cystic Fibrosis. All were beautiful examples of how so many people willingly put their feet into action.

These events are inspiring to say the least. The best part is that they are only a sample of all the ways people can care for others. Most of the ways I can pray with my feet aren’t big events with cameras and fanfare. I can send cards, give an encouraging word to a friend, or give a smile to a store clerk.

So…why don’t I do that more often?

Back to the original question: Is this the day you will pray with your feet?

And for me: Is TODAY the day I pray with my feet?