Ever wonder what it would take to be a farmer? Ever wonder how a farmer decides what to plant and when to plant it? I know I have. Even though I have many relatives that farm and have grown up in a farm community, there is an awful lot I don’t know. So when I discovered “Follow Farming” I was intrigued.

Follow Farming is a project of the Marion County Ohio Farm Bureau and a few other groups to help us understand what goes into the process of raising crops. By using short video clips on YouTube, a blog, a Facebook page, and Twitter, we get to follow a soybean crop from the planning stage to harvest.

Here’s an introduction to the “Follow Farming” project:

The posts and videos cover weather problems and all sorts of things that come up during the growing season. I have been more concerned recently about the chemicals used in food production, so I was especially interested in this recently posted video:

I’m looking forward to additional posts and videos right through harvest. Here are some other links to the Follow Farming project:

Follow Farming Facebook page

Follow Farming Twitter

Follow Farming Blog

Follow Farming YouTube Videos